Motorcycles 3

Owner: Andrew Wasson
Make / Model: 
Partial Restoration
Modified (Period Correct)
Off the road (not in service)
Taken June 30, 2013. Although wearing an incorrect swingarm and missing the engine, she's looking more like a motorcycle than any time since I started the project.

In 2011, I bought a bunch of oil cooled GSXR parts from a guy getting out of the racing circuit. It included the rare 1989 GSXR 750RR/RK race engine. This one has a Wiseco 955 big bore kit and was disassembled but complete. Once I got the rubbermaid cases of parts back to my shop I took inventory and eventually decided that I needed to build/rebuild/restore a 1989 GSXR 750RR.

After some deliberation, I found a fellow in the US midwest with a complete but disassembled chassis and we struck a deal to have a crate including the frame, wheels, brakes, fairings and pretty much everything I needed to build my bike. Now it's just a matter of assembling the bike. At the moment I'm laying in the wiring harness and restoring it to the way the electrical was configured when it left the factory. Once that's done, I'll assemble the engine and install it. After it's in running order, I'll tackle the paint and cosmetics.