Motorcycles 2

Owner: Andrew Wasson
Make / Model: 
Partial Restoration
In regular use
2022: Plastics got a fresh coat of paint.

In 2008, I was helping a fellow at the Gixxer website find parts for a 1986 GSXR 750R Limited Edition. Eventually after having trouble finding clutch parts to replace the blown up dry clutch on the bike, he suggested that I buy the bike and take over the project, so I did. The plan is to go through the bike, clean up whatever needs to be cleaned up and replace missing or broken parts. This might take a while. 

Update September 23, 2015
Well, it's September 2015 and the bike is coming along. I was hoping to have it on the road at the end of 2014... That didn't happen. Summer 2014, it got a new set of Pirelli's, wheel bearings and chain & sprockets along with a cleaned up, freshly recoated exhaust with all the fittings checked out, cleaned up or renewed. I rebuilt the brakes in late winter 2014/2015 and then put together a list of things to do. As of today (September, 2015), the carbs are being ultrasonically cleaned and fitted with carb kits. I replaced the soft phillips screws with stainless allen key head bolts. The philips screws are super soft and prone to striping so I figured allen keys were the way to go. It has a new battery now, reconditioned batttery box and the ignition system has been replaced from ignition box to rotor & pickups. It's a super low mileage bike but I don't know the history so if I run into a questionable part, it either gets rebuild or replaced. Hoping to get it running and update this page soon. 

Update October 6, 2015
The bike is plated and on the road. I've got about 470 kms of riding on it and this bike is great. Super nimble, pretty quick, really solid in the corner and that jingle of the dry clutch can't be beat. I'll be attacking the cosmetics and tweaking some of the details over the winter. I'll get collector status for it easily once I'm done with the cosmetics.

Here's a video of the bike in action during the 2015 Vancouver Toy Run