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This bike was completely original until May 2015, when I put on my ARD fairing which I had been storing for maybe 10 years.  My original ABS fairing exploded one day on the highway from weakening due to UV exposure.  Now I have repainted it in the test colour and finishes for my airplane.  I have owned this bike since new - apologies to the purists - it is the first GSXR1100 in Canada.  Before this I owned a Hans Muth Katana 1100, one of the very first ones brought into Canada as well.  I sold that one in the early 2000's.  That bike was modded to a high HP build, something I didn't feel the GSXR needed.

On the GSXR, With the fiberglass fairing I decided to move the front turn signals to the mirrors  (LED strips), as I didn't want to put any holes in the fairing.  I also cut down my original windshield - which had a crack in it radiating from a mounting hole - to give it less of a dustbin appearance ( and eliminate the cracked piece ).   I am in the process of switching to 17 inch wheels ( painted white, I think ) for modern rubber, and changing the exhaust to a factory Bandit piece which is a bit more compact.   If I put any graphics on it, likely to be Ducati-esque.   It will get a rear shock to raise the rear end to compensate for the smaller wheels.   The bike came with the 17L flat top tank.  I have put on the later tank ( part of the reason for the repaint - as the bigger tank was black and red ) which gives me a few more litres of gas, as I toured this bike across canada a dozen times and sometimes ran out of gas when the headwinds were stiff :)  Also - one of the headlights is an HID, the other is a 'Xenon' of matching colour.  I still use my Matching, Period Dianese leather ( I still fit in it after 30 years! )  But have long since retired my Bell M1 and M2 for an RS1.