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Owner: Kevin White
Make / Model: 
Partial Restoration
Modified (Period Correct)
In regular use
First frame off..

i bought this bike three years ago with the intent to fix up and flip. After all it was for sale for 500$ and aside from a carb cleaning and new battery it was a running bike. Not to mention the previous owner had put new tires, chain, and sprockets on the bike before letting it fall into disrepair.  Little did I know that I would fall in love with making this bike run perfectly and improving it above and beyond stock.

  After a short first season on the bike buying in late august I managed to ride until it dropped below 40 degrees in the morning. That was my number what my gear would no longer withstand, 40 degrees. So over the winter I stripped the bike down to the frame and replaced or serviced all chassis bearing especially the neck bearings. The bike was incredibly difficult to run a straight line down the road. After going through the motor adjusting valves, clearing up leaks and such. Painted the motor and reinstalled.. I fixed up the bodywork the best I could using epoxy body filler sanding and painting just black. It had been crashed and I spent a lot of time straightening the front support which was incredibly difficult. That is some strong steel and the geometry is very strange and after while I got it back to where it belonged.. New windshield, rerouted and made sense of the wiring harness.  I was lucky enough to have a friend who had a 92' gixxer 750 that was an amalgamation of several different bikes give me the bike for "just get it out of my shed!" Well the shed had collapsed onto it and outside of an ignition switch an air cleaners this was a running bike, although it had been duh duh duuuhhh, streetfightered. I have several good parts to work with including an 92' 1100 inverted front end, and turns out by serial number had an 86-87 750cc motor. 

  So I rode out my first full season on the bike and burned through a set of pirellis in one season so I needles to say Iput some miles on the old girl. Onto this past spring of 2014.. I pull the motor, and instead of tearing it down to replace the timing chain that I noticed I'm losing all my power.. I reset the adj. have tons of power for a little while until it eventually gets stretched back out of time. I install the spare motor and have a lot of luck with it. Finally giving up on the stock air box I got some pod filters and not a moment too soon. Along with the motor I installs the 36mm stock 1100cc carbs and come to find out the right emulsions tubes are nearly impossible to find. Yes you can tune around the 1100 barrels but I wanted it right and finally chased down a set from bike bandit. Using the 750rk special edition barrels worked awesome and my midrange is an absolute blast.. Not to mention finding micheLin pilot 3's in the awkward 18" size turns out BMW runs that same size tire. Not to mention adding progressive springs and gold valve emulators to my front end I was able to add another 100miles to my riding days and my mileage is up around 30ish mpg which getting more than 100 miles per tank makes riding a lot more limitless.. 

  This spring I've gathered all the hard parts to do a full conversion to the inverted front end and both wheels and tires. Now that I've picked up an 86' 1100 gsxr basket case out of Maine I will be returning that bike to stock with blue and white paint and all the bells and whistles.. This 750 is going to be my track modified bike.. more pictures to follow.. (Not proofread)  

So it turns out these bikes came out while I was in High School and always wanted one and so glad I didn't have one because I may not of been here now.. These bikes are quick! Thanks fir listening if you have any parts to donate please email me for I have a very modest budget..