Motorcycles 1

Owner: Col Pearce
Make / Model: 
GR75A 107296
Purple, as dragged.

1985 GSXR750F. 8 month '85

History unkown except for the last few years. Seventeen years ago it was a daily ride to and from work as mechanic.Then fell into drag racing, mainly 1\8 mile.Wasn't much that beat him for three years! Failed scutineering at one meet, due to lack of rear brakes, so his new GSXR1000 was pressed into service. Nearly a full second faster than the 750, so the 750 stayed in my shed, He left for greener pastures and the bike stayed. I retired 18 months back and needed something to play with so back to as original as I could. Lots of new parts,brakes,tyres etc. Now ready for undercoating, maybe next week. Red \ Black colour scheme once I find out which scheme is original.

Well two years on and it is finally finished and on the road.Here in NSW, Australia bikes and cars that are 30 years old can be registered under a conditional scheme. You have to be a member of a club, vintage, veteran or classic, to be eliable and there are restrictions to what you can do. Maintainance runs are allowed and any recorded runs are OK.  So she has only done 14 test klms so far and ofcourse it has been raining for all the lasta 14 days!!

She fell over in the shed yesterday and cracked the top fairing. Back to the panel beater, fibreglasser and spray painter, shold be back on Monday.

Now if I can only get those front brakes to bleed.........